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Invisible Supports

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The past several months have been challenging for me. Amongst the difficulties I faced were two significant health scares and having to say goodbye to two beloved pets. Such times can certainly cause my anxious “Monkey Mind” to get the better of me. 

The beauty in looking back at these challenges is that I can see the ways I was carried and supported every step along the way. Whenever my ‘Anxious Mind’ was sure that I would suffer, that things would not be okay, and that “THIS WAS IT!”, I found that in reality, I was actually met with unexpected support, comfort, and peace. It’s almost as if invisible hands would appear and carry me through the adversity that was before me. 

The interesting thing is that I am able to think back to these times and recall the exact moment when the shift from panic to surrender took place. Each time, it involved an opening of the heart, a willingness to be vulnerable, and a radical acceptance of the fact that I was not in control. And each time I could do that, the result was pure peace and trust. 

I think most of us can relate to the tendency to constrict and control when things get tough. We brace ourselves, go into ‘fix-it-mode’, and (if you’re anything like me), get to the business of ‘pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps.’ These approaches can provide temporary relief, as they allow us to feel like we’re doing something, and they give us something on which to focus our mind and energy. 

But there are several problems with this stance. First, it’s exhausting! When we believe that we have to carry the weight of the world on our own shoulders, we get overwhelmed and discouraged--sometimes to the point of burnout (a topic I’ll save for another article!) Second, it’s only half of the equation. From an energetic perspective, action and effort are very masculine pursuits. We need both of them--AND if we only tend to this ‘Action Journey’, we limit our power and potency. The other side of the coin is the realm of the feminine--the ‘Inner Journey.’ This is the space where we open up to receive and to tap into invisible sources of support

How, exactly, do we go about doing that? I’ve been reflecting on this idea, and I’ve noticed several things that can act as a doorway to invisible support:

  1. Dropping the Illusion of Control: When I look back at my darkest moments, I see that the transition from fear to peace has occurred when I am able to realize (and accept!) that, ultimately, I am not in control. I am vulnerable, I am human, and I can’t orchestrate reality to unfold in the way I think it should. This recognition often feels like a sigh of relief right down into the very cells of my being--and it brings peace.

  2. Asking for Help: Sometimes for me, this is as simple as whispering or contemplating the word, “Help!” Other times, it is a prayer, a petition, a more specific request. I have used tangible tools to assist me with this--from a “God Box”, where I place my prayer requests, to a written journal entry where I ‘turn it over to the Universal Manager.’ However we do it, the asking for help sends our bodies and minds the message that we are supported; we are held; we are not alone. For me, this brings great comfort. 

  3. Opening our Heart to Something Bigger Than Ourselves: After we have sent out our request, we can open our hearts in positive expectation toward receiving. I sometimes imagine that I am handing my worry or burden over to Spirit in the form of a box or an envelope. In the same way that I trust that a letter placed in the mailbox will reach its recipient, I trust that my need will be handled with excellent care. I feel a sense of ease knowing that Source (the Universe, God, a Higher Power, Spirit) has a higher perspective and a higher plan than any I could dream up. I keep my heart open to receiving this, trusting that it will occur in perfect timing. 

While the ‘valleys of life’ are not something that most of us would willingly sign up for, we have much to learn as we traverse them. They are opportunities to relinquish control, to drop in to receive, and to be carried by the invisible supports that are always surrounding us.  

As my Reiki Master, Jesse, likes to say, “Whenever we call out to Spirit, a loving response always echoes in return.” I am grateful for the reminders of this ever-present Source that always has our highest and best good in mind.

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